Ya, Allah aku bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang kau kurniakan kepadaku. Kumohon agar kau berikanlah kami kejayaan untuk SPM ini. Ya Robb, andainya dia tercipta untukku,kekalkan hubungan kami. .Amin.

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The cope is gloomy. The sheen stars to hit and run while the thunder roars fiercely. It is torrents outside. Sometimes the sounds of dogs barking and the wolves yapping break the serenity of the night. I am still on my bed in one's hug, my beloved husband. The table lamp is already enough to show all. His sharp-edged nose. A pair of auroral eyes plus seductive lips on his pure pale skin, perfect. Just as Edward Cullen, the girls' heartbeat. He really makes me feel secured.

It was seriously just as in my everynights' dream. A romantic honeymoon ever in my life. We started our love story throughout the journey to get there, Sipadan Island. The crystal clear water of the sea exposed its contents. The colourful clown fish were swimming joyously following the manner of the boat's bolade that waved the sea. The corals were absolutely eye-catching and rivetting. 

The trees were dancing gracefully with the rythm of the air. The air was very placate and sober. I was extremely regaled that moment, that picturesque panorama. My husband kept cosseting his Nikon DSLR by capturing the splendour picture of the nature. His creations were really pin-up. He was a good photographer, that's why I've lost my heart to him. Occasionally, he made jokes. Freshly spontaneous from his well-minded brain. We did enjoyed that moment much as if there was no tomorrow.

Foremost, we played on the banana boat. It was really violent. The seconds when we fell into the sea I've been thinking where was I now, hell or heaven. Thank lord for the life jacket that you gave to me. It helped me a lot. Then, we had our beach volleyball. It was seriously a lithesome game when those people who bigger than me kept competing with us. Lastly, we lost. Nevermind, I kept it as an ideal of my past. Last but not least, we had our scuba-diving equipped with such of well-suited-oxygen tank. FOR THE FIRST TIME, I could touched and see the real magnificience of the underwaterworld. It overwhelmed me.

As we enjoyed our date, suddenly the people ran towards the peak of the nearby hill. They became brumous. No more smiling faces, they were even crying! I got light-headed as the situation really made me be up a stump. I didnt understand. What was happening now? The couples kept shouting and some of them sounded like being they were chased by death. Why did they lament now? In the middle of understanding the situation, I was stricken by the worst thing in my life.

My heart beat frantically. Dear my newly wedded husband, I kept blaming myslef for letting you goand save that boy. Yes, he risked his life for humanity. I t was an earthquake. The sea seemed to be turbulent. The walloping full-grown tidal was about 3 minutes to get us. In that time, you ran into the sea in front of my eyes. I saw your lower limbs, pelvic girdle, upper limb and lastly your head dissappeared in the sea.

You had drowned languidly. Then, 3 minutes ended. I also feel the tidal strike me. Goal! You won dear Tsunami. This was the end of our honeymoon. We're dead. Deadly in love, deadly died in the water. I felt the water, yes the water pored by my mon. What happened again ? Did my mom drowned too? No! Save my mom. She's the superwoman of my family. Oh lord! I begged. I cried. I shouted solidly and went loco.

" Are you insane dear? Crying in sleep? What a beautiful dream? my mom nagged. So, actually Im dreaming. Im not married yet or even not have my SPM yet. Im just a 17 year old girl who eternally sleep without washing my feet and reciting a prayer. This is the rejoinder. My mom laughed at me, I will never di this again. Thanks God, you do it. I learnt my lesson well.

# Ayie, dah jangan gelak banyak sangat :P

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