Ya, Allah aku bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang kau kurniakan kepadaku. Kumohon agar kau berikanlah kami kejayaan untuk SPM ini. Ya Robb, andainya dia tercipta untukku,kekalkan hubungan kami. .Amin.

The day we're waiting for is today.
Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 11:46 AM | 0 comments

Oh Haiii little jumbo with two flipping giant ears :D
Im home now after a month trapped in the worst jail ever T.T

Actually, all SPM & PMR candidates for this year had to stay there for 3 days.
It was suck right? 3 DAYS! 
But, NVM :)

I got lots of knowledges throughout this 3 tough days.
I got lots of memorable time with those bastard -.-
and mostly,

I got my pointer, what? Yes, pointer.

We're waiting impatiently for today as we're going home.
We're waiting nervously for today as we're going to get our own pointer.


I am waiting for today eagerly for having skating :D
Like seriously, skating is like building the sense of confident in human.

When you feel like going down, take a breath.
It helps you a lot to keep balancing your body, then you'll not fall.

Skating is like making a transformation in any kind of formation.

You can move everywhere depends on your feet, oh majestic toes ;]

Skating is like being jelly, flexuring your belly.
You can bend your belly here and there as long you're not injured. 

Skating is a kind of games, do not afraid to fall, failure today keeps glorious tomorrow.


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