Ya, Allah aku bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang kau kurniakan kepadaku. Kumohon agar kau berikanlah kami kejayaan untuk SPM ini. Ya Robb, andainya dia tercipta untukku,kekalkan hubungan kami. .Amin.

5 facts about my bedroom :D
Friday, April 6, 2012 | 9:35 AM | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum & Hi :D
Ini memang calon SPM 12 yang mengimpikan 9A dalam tangannya.
Tetapi masih berfoya foya dalam alam maya ini, sila abaikan :/

When it comes to bedroom, some of you will imagine, 
a pair of peoples struggling on it :3
a map of United States?
or how cool it would be if the one that sleeping is you!

Okay, whatever it is, this room is not mine!
I repeat, I didnt have bedroom. Got it?

Yes, im having my peaceful serenity night with my sweety parents.
Yes Meiosis yes Im not telling the truth, pleasee.
Pleasee dont slaughter me :P

Bedroom is a place where everything could be done include getting 9AS XD

  • It can be called " bedroom" if only I heard the sound of my brother's motorcycle, what a girllllll -_-''
  • Mostly blue in colour, i do love blue, its masculine :) 
  • Sometimes it can be a workshop, sometimes for photoshooting, depends.
  • Usually lights on until 1am.
  • BTW, this is not my room, I said not !
Okay, this not mine! I share it with my brother, cool right ? and I didnt slept with him, take a note that, I wont do that, never!

How great it is :D
Khairul Azrie, ,may I have it 
Yes, I may, thanks baby :*

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