Ya, Allah aku bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang kau kurniakan kepadaku. Kumohon agar kau berikanlah kami kejayaan untuk SPM ini. Ya Robb, andainya dia tercipta untukku,kekalkan hubungan kami. .Amin.

5 facts about boarding student :3
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Assalamualaikum and cheer up rockafellas :D
Auww, after the days I've been set rain in my day, 
so last night I've got the rainbow.

Highly appreciated, Your Highness My Beloved one and only, Capital K 
So, we both boarding school, specifics, MRSM student.
So, we both got the same daily schedule, rolling in the deep of war for SPM.
The differences is only, he is mine not yours, muahaha -,-'

Sometimes, people afraid of boarding school.
Scared of bullies, pressure and some things that teach us humanity.
Teach us to be stronger in living our life.
Make the best decision for themselves, others and nobody.

Being perfect is lame. 
If we just being perfect, anything goes fine then our life will be damn bored.
No mistakes, no punishment, no gain of experiences.
I used to make mistakes and I have the idea for repairing it :)

Being like-perfect is blase. 
If we feel like, we're already perfect, so didnt have to do anything, 
we're prosaic.

Everything that we did, we're like, 
Im the one who will lead
Im the one who will be the blast of the blast. 
Im the one who gonna be the champion. 
You're not gonna get me, so blah blah blah -.-'

Analogically, as the one who wrapped in cellophane in the movie 3idiot.
He thinks that he is the best, so at last the Phunsuk Wangdu, the one who better than him is just his enemy!

Being stolid kinda interesting.
My roomate is very demure. She's fine with her day. Keep smiling silently.
Her life was so-so undisturbed by the people. She studies very well. She did it, she scored higher then mine and I was so blue. Maybe I have to zipp up my mouth and it will never be.

Being sheepish at the wrong time.
Some people are very daring in doing something like banning people, 
condemn others. Talking bitchy, but when it comes into speak in front of the people, they're failed. They got red in their face. Stutter like meet the god but just now they're humbugging, claptrapping. What if they use their bravery in the good way? They must be a spasmodic person :D

Being mostly accommodating :3
Yes, you're nice for being so humane. I do like it, but when it comes into time. We have it used it wisely. Babe, we didnt have to be genial all the time as we will disturb others. Think wisely, act sanely. 

We're just people, not the alien who did destroyed the world in Battleship.
We're not perfect, we did mistake and we learnt from mistakes.
 So, they did the phrase, Mistake is the best teacher.

" There's no point for flunking people's dignity. Everybody has a second chance. "

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