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'Arghhhhhhh!' I started to scream as loud as the world can hear my pain.
My sight become darker and duskier. Tho worst pain made me felt like my end of life was here.
I tried to find my healer but it was nonsense.


I was deepy penitent to come here where 1000 miles away from human, free from the dumb-like person,
working all single ticks.I prayed "Save me,bring me miracle dear god".I cried.
The tears burst through my cheecky cherish cheek.
Ran, ran and ran without any sense of pain, like what am I felt now.

It stop.
My hearbeat.

I died.No?Miracle brought me here.Alive again.The man, yes he saved me.
He started to find my healer and he did it.

Ouh! What a miracle? Im alive.
Reborn again to have breath,to see the world, to find you.

As I opened my hazel eyes, he ran.I shocked.
I screamed as loud as Im using the home-theathre set equipped with the 100Kw speaker.
It's ridiculous.

"Hey, wait a minute!Come here back!"
I repeated thrice.
He ran and ran away and away and started to dissapear.

Im late.

The man must be rewarded.He such so kind.

"Breath in, out".

Relax dear Brainy.
I mumbled.

Yes! I got it.I remembered that the man had a scar at his left muscular hand.
His eyes were so beautiful.
The spur eyelashes.

Oh,its enough to make me attracted of him since the first meet.
Two months had past,I still cannot find him.
I still cannot forget him.

He always disturbing my nightsleep.
Hi and bye in my dream.
Smile and laugh in my sight,everynight.

Every night,
Every second,
Every moment,

Im thinking of him.
Every weekend I went to the same place.

For finding my never-be-replaced hero.


Yes,Im too dissapointed.
He was not there.

'Kg, Serindik, 3Km'.
I read it with a piece feels of eagerness,

He must be here.
I must find him.
I determined.

I drove the car sloly through the tranquile village.
I must try this.

3 second blowed away.
Knocking and waiting.

" Sorry miss".
I futiled.

Then, I continue my journey.
What a mess!
I started to give up.

For the man's sake, I'll find him till my last breath.
I swear.

The 33rd house.
All of a sudden, Im afraid.
Afraid if Im wrong, perhaps.

My hearbeat, ran as I were chased by the ghost.

" Yes miss"
I hear the mellow-man voice as I step back into my car.
I turned my eyes catched on a high-tough human body.

The body is everything.
He made me smile for a while and cried.

A feeling that cant be told by writting or even saying.
Deep from my little-bloody heart.
The pain met the medicine.

Im happy.Grateful.

I started to speak.

"Yes miss".
He replied.

" You're the one.."

"Yes, Im the one who saved you two monts ago".
He crossed my words.
He admitted it.

Again, Im not so strong to fight this.
I cried and the most touching scene.
He wiped my tears.

"Sorry miss.I ran on that day.Im in love with you but Im shamed.We differs.Im poor"

I put my fingers on his captivating and charming lips.

"Shuhhh,stop being nonsense.I dont care.Lets married"

Ya,I have to be not so shame.
I dont want to lost you for the second time.

I mumbled alone.

He followed me home.
We married and had two pairs of twins.
Shining our life.

He was the man who teach me to be a good daughter,good mother and not least good wife.
Thanks for everything my late husband.

Now, Im 74 years old, telling this to my beloved great grandchilds as the remembrances of him.
The man was everything to me.

My life.
My breath.
My animate.

Yes, he was the man.

My man ;)

#An essay made by me weeks before final exam.Copycaters, I kiss you ;)

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